At Generations Midwifery & Lactation Services, all families are valued and honored. We believe every family has a right to safe, satisfying health care with respect to human dignity and cultural and spiritual beliefs. All care provided is only with your full informed consent and families are strongly encouraged to research all their birth and parenting options. Packages can be purchased individually or in any combination. Special discounts available for families in San Leandro! Please contact me for more information. Insurance billing for midwifery and lactation services is available.

Midwifery Homebirth Services

I am committed to making homebirth an option available to all families within Alameda County. Please contact me for information about fees, payment plans, and discounts.



Helpful for those who are moving out of town before the birth, or for those who are planning a hospital birth but would also enjoy the benefits of receiving midwifery care.



Helpful for those who would like more personalized, holistic support after giving birth.



A hybrid between midwifery homebirth services and hospital doula support, this is a great option for families planning to birth in a hospital but wanting midwifery care as well.


Lactation Services

At home or virtual appointments with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant provide families with newborn, infant, and toddler feeding support. I am also a Food Allergy Mom and have a special interest in supporting families with food allergies or sensitivities.

Support includes but is not limited to:



Have you been interested in learning more about your ancestors and family history but don’t have the time to research or don’t know where to begin? I’ve worked on my own genealogy for more than 15 years and would be happy to share tips and resources that have been helpful.